What just popped into your head? When you think of cold drinks coco-cola, Fanta, Pepsi, right! Companies create unique tag lines or logos that are easy for the customers to remember.

Brand Awareness-

Brand awareness is nothing but tells how familiar your target audience or your customers is with your brand and

Online review websites combined with customer satisfaction surveys can help you to know about how you’re serving your customer. Many companies may make mistakes by assuming that they are quite interchangeable but the fact is that customer satisfaction surveys and online reviews are different from each other.

Online website reviews can

Designing a survey questionnaire is a little difficult task because gathering all important information from the respondents from a small survey is a challenging task for a research marketer. Most of the surveys are not even complete without asking few questions about the respondent’s age, gender, location, etc. It is

We are living in a digital era. Everyone is technology-savvy. Today’s generation can’t live without smartphones. Millions of posts are posted on social media daily. The best part of technology evolution is that it allows earning profit from it.

Many people are making money online. Internet is a never-ending space, it